Chic Kelty’s Immerset Brewing System is Live on Kickstarter

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I admit it…I am a coffee lover.

But as much as I love coffee, it seems like I am never quite satisfied with my brewing method. I own them all: French Press, Keurig, drip coffee machine, espresso machine and various pour over devices.

My favorite method is the pure simplicity of the French Press, I enjoy the ritual of grinding my own beans and feel I have come up with the perfect grind and hold time to make great coffee. My main dislikes with my bodum is the mess it creates, I have to use a course grind and I lose heat.

My second favorite is a simple pour over, Let gravity do the work!

Open Coffee

One of my favorite coffee shops in Palm Beach County is Habitat Coffee  on Clematis in West Palm Beach. Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan of Start Up Palm Beach hang out there and we have been holding “Open Coffees” there for about a year

(if you don’t know about them, Open Coffees are a great way to get looped into the local Start-up culture and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, check the calendar on The Reef for more info)

An Eye Opener

At one of the Open Coffees, I met Chic Kelty. Chic is an inventor who has developed several products in the coffee brewing space and probably understands the technical arts of a great brew better then anyone I have ever met.



As Chic first explained Immerset to me, my eyes and mind were opened; I immediately saw that for the first time I could control the brew time and grind density to my liking in a simplistic artful brewing masterpiece.

Immerset solves the few issues I had with my already favorite brewing devices, combining the best of French press and pour over devices.

Passion and Precision.

If you met Chic Kelty, You would probably notice two things: his words are carefully and precisely delivered, and he is passionate about coffee and the development of Immerset

chic keltyPrecision and passion are two things I love to see in any entrepreneur, that combined with the great design of the Immerset are the reasons I backed it on KickStarter and I hope you will too.

See more here.Immerset Kickstarter

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