Dental entrepreneur’s good vibe zaps needle pain

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Author: Teresa Novellino
Publisher: Upstart Business Journal
Date: September 20, 2013

When someone is about to have their mouth numbed in the dentist’s chair with a needle dispensing an anesthetic, the reaction is almost always the same.


“Everyone grabs onto the arms of the chair, and you close your eyes and it pinches,” says Dr. Steven Goldberg, a dentist and entrepreneur based in Boca Raton, Florida . “No one can tell me that a shot in the mouth doesn’t hurt. It’s the pressure that you feel as the solution with the anesthetic goes in.”

He estimates there are about 50 million Americans who refuse to go to the dentist because they’re afraid of pain. Dental researchers, acknowledging the problem, have written numerous studies on “dental phobia,” and the anxiety that so many experience when they contemplate a trip to the dentist. Read more here.


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