Nick Mohnacky’s Surfr App Logs your surf sessions

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Not for Locals Only : Surfr App is Here

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Nick Mohnacky’s Surfr App Logs your surf sessions

As if these guys don’t have enough on their plate, Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan of Start Up Palm Beach and the recent Start Up Weekend in West Palm have launched a new app in the Itunes App store that aims to make Surfing a little more social.

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With Surfr app you can log your sessions, share pictures and surf updates with the surfing world or just your local crew.

But more than just a “surf Instragram” with this slick app you can notate wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed as well as air and water temperature.

I’ve always said that Surfers are some of the best meteorologists I know, they can usually tell you on any given day what mother nature has cooked up for tomorrow and how that will effect the waves. This app lets them share that info in a useful and social way to fulfill their passions of maximizing great surf days with friends.

Originally launched on Kickstarter with one of the most compelling campaign videos I have ever seen.  See here Video narrator and Surfr co-founder, Nick tours you through the benefits of using surfr app while you get to catch some beautiful scenery from Palm Beach to Bali. more video here Cofounders


New technologies such as the Gopro camera have proven that adrenaline junkies want to share the ride, Surfr app has just added a new dimension to sharing with real time updates, and searchable sessions.


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